About Rockfish

Health related decisions are stressful and often have large financial consequences. You deserve to know how much each option will cost you.

Because of the complexity of medical billing, medical professionals are typically unable to tell you how much a procedure, treatment, or course of care will cost. This is not due to neglect. Even the most conscientious doctors can't keep up with the sweeping changes to our medical system. So, who can you ask?

Rockfish Mission

Our mission is to assist individuals and their caregivers in making the best healthcare decisions given their finances and insurance coverage.

Rockfish offers tools to help you estimate your out of pocket expenses after medical insurance reimbursement.

Our tools been been built with help from practicing physicians and staff from:


Many patients are not ready to go home when they are discharged from the hospital. They still need medical attention, but no longer require the acute care offered in a hospital setting. Rockfish helps patients and their care-givers find suitable facilities for their sub-acute care needs, often Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs).

This process is stressful because it happens in a hospital and because patients feel like they are being rushed to a decision. This is because insurance companies are eager to avoid expensive hospital stays whenever necessary and hospitals are motivated to discharge patients quickly to make beds available for new admissions.

The lack of credible and unbiased information about long-term care leads to decisions that are unnecessarily costly for one's health and finances. Rockfish provides relevant and up-to-date information all in one place, to save patients and their families from having to piece information together under pressure.


Cyrus Stoller Founder

Cyrus is passionate about improving healthcare through technology. Previously, Cyrus has worked at the Innovation Center at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation writing software to help patients manage diabetes and hypertension and improve overall hospital efficiency. He double majored in computer science and mathematics at Swarthmore College. There his thesis focused on finding foreign objects in KUB X-ray images. Cyrus currently maintains a number of open source software projects. Cyrus is excited to use Rockfish to help his family find the best solutions for his aging grandmothers.
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Charles Liao, M.D. Medical Director

Charles is a board certified internal medicine physician practicing and teaching at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. He received his medical degree from UC San Francisco School of Medicine and obtained a bachelor's degree in molecular cell biology from UC Berkeley. His work not only involves treating and managing complex patients, but includes interacting with their families and other health care providers to help them transition through different levels of medical services. His work environment spans various types of hospitals, clinics, and nursing facilities. He is excited to work with the Rockfish team to create solutions that improve patient-centered care.
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Alex Leung Strategy Director

Alex is a credentialed actuary in management consulting. He provides strategic advice insights to health care payers and providers, applying his deep industry knowledge and actuarial & analytic capabilities. He has co-authored a number of published articles on various health care topics including long-term care. He is an MBA candidate at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and he has a bachelor's in mathematics from UCLA. Alex is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He is excited for Rockfish to provide open access to quality information and easy to use tools that help individuals make the best health-related decisions.
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Rajesh Jaganath, M.D. Medical Strategist

Rajesh completed his undergraduate education at Yale University and worked for several years as a management consultant at Bain & Company before earning his MD at UCSF. He remained at UCSF for his residency in internal medicine and subsequently served on the faculty. He is interested in the application of mobile health to improve patient care and is excited about how Rockfish can give families a means to better understand and talk through important care decisions.

David Snyder

David is the owner of 42TEK, Inc. He is experienced in implementing product innovations in healthcare information technology and data security. David started out as a respiratory therapist in intensive care units, worked as an environmental engineer for 20 years, earned an MBA, and has held technology and financial management roles at Kaiser, Apple, and PayPal. He currently leads the SVForum Healthcare IT Special Interest Group and is active in the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). In 2013, he organized the Mobile Health Track for the GMIC-SV mobile conference.